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Test drives adventure Iceland (preparation 1)

Preparations for my Iceland adventure wirh my new bike and my new luggage.

My adventure actually starts on June 5 with the trip to Denmark, but then on June 6 with the departure of the ferry and but really with the first stage on June 8 in the east of Iceland. Then I will report here daily.

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Before that I have to test drive the new Poison Taxin. It is a gravel bike with aluminum frame suitable for travel, weighs with 11 kg three kg more than my Moser road bike in the „Abenteuer Atlantik“ atlantic adventure. I come but more comfortable over the gravel roads and altitude in Iceland, because my route leads me not only on the ring road No 1 but especially in the north and east far off directly along the coast.

The Poison Taxin Gravel even has a frame inscription “Abenteuer Island”

My self-designed bags from the Durner company are also ready. I had them made for my Oltimer Peugeot Aspin from 1990, but they fit here as well. A frame bag “Guido” and a handlebar bag. In addition, the saddle bag from Apidura , two 3L Ortlieb bags as lowrider and water bottles, with which I am still experimenting. These bags are as good as waterproof, which is also necessary in the weather up there left on the map on probably the most beautiful island in the world.

Frame and handlebar bag from

The frame bag uses the full space between the tubes, the exact division of the luggage I must still tryout. In the handlebar bag I recently transported my photo equipment, which consists of camera, wide-angle normal and telephoto lens, a tripod and battery accessories.

White bike and white bags
Photo stuff

There is a tunnel sewn into the top of the frame pocket for quick access to the windbreaker. The wheel is proving itself so far, I have a wide span of gearing and grippy disc brakes. These I had to brake in with 20 full braking each from 30 km/h – drive. Exhausting, but so the brakes wear less later and pack properly. My friend Stephan sent me the link to this.

Still life with Gravelbike
Not so still life with dog

You can now listen to excerpts of my book “Abenteuer Atlantik” as a reading episode 199 on the podcast MeineLesung, also on Spotify

On May 25 at 7 pm there will be my reading “Adventure Baltic” at the bookstore Müller Büro und Buch in Kastellaun (Bahnhofstraße 16). Sign up shortly (phone or mail).

Reading Session neareby in Kastellaun

ATTENTION: Only briefly advertisement for my book: Who wants to do itself and its running and travel or adventure friends something good, gets itself here the book, eBook or audio book ‘Abenteuer Baltikum‘ – also in English available ‘Baltic Adventure’

Von der Sehnsucht zum Plan

Considering about a roundtrip in iceland on the mainroad No.1 in June 2020

Island – Land der Extreme, unbekannt und geheimnisvoll. Es zieht mich seit Jahren an und nun reift ein Plan. Die Umrundung der Insel auf der einzigen durchgehend asphaltierten Straße, der Ringstraße 1.


Diese Karte habe ich im Netz gefunden:


Schon bei meinem Abenteuer Baltikum habe ich immer wieder fasziniert daran gedacht, statt zu laufen, meinen Tagesradius mit einem Fahrrad erheblich zu erweitern.


Hier ist Giancarlo aus Venedig auf dem Weg mit einem russischen Freund zum Nordkapp 2017. Ich traf ihn im Süden Estlands.


Meine Ausrüstung habe ich ja noch und könnte davon einiges benutzen.


Und auch ein leichtes Rennrad habe ich mittlerweile.


Ich teste und optimiere im Moment eine Gepäcktasche mit 5 Kilo Gewicht (sieht man am Fahrrad), die genau in den Rennradrahmen paßt. Für Zahnpflege, Seife, kleines Handtuch, Barfußschuhe, Geld, Handy, Ladekabel, Lebensmittel, Schlafsack, Isomatte, Plane, Pullover, Langhose, Flicken, Schlauch, Luftpumpe.